Xbox One Game Rankings - These 3 Great Games Are Not To Be Missed

Xbox one gamers frequently like to check in on the Xbox one game rankings, Could these be 3 of the greatest ever games to grab right now?

Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Nov 2014)

A lot of these genre type recreational pursuits have a very stereo typical theme when it comes to Xbox one game rankings, however one can be assured Halo: The Master Chief Collection is exactly what it says on the tin. If players are familiar with this series and it's a firm favorite with them, they'll most certainly be delighted!

Here they can find along with the memorable Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, a totally remastered new top notch HD visuals & audio remake of Halo 2 anniversary. That, along with the spectacular Halo 3 and the Master chief John -117 embarking on a brand new adventure, this gets the top 3 games to grab off to a flyer!

Fantasia: Music Evolved (Oct 2014)

Featuring prominently in the Xbox one game rankings is one for music lovers. Fantasia: Music Evolved spirits the player off through the worlds of magic and music as the player interacts with such musical icons as producer and DJ Avicii, rock band legends Queen, along with top performer Bruno Mars.

Here they can mix their favorite songs in a new and imaginative way. They can take original and remastered classics adding new musical layers creating a totally new masterpiece all of their very own. Music's never been so much fun before Fantaia: Music Evolved!

Super Time Force (May 2014)

Hey hey, now here's one that's really interesting! What a twist to a game Super Time Force has in store, every player's going to want to check this one out!

In this game being an agile plat former, the gamer gets to control time. He can run the clock back and forth as he goes into combat, teaming up with future and past selves covering different time periods. He can create a new unique self as he does battle as a single player multi entity, choosing when and where to partake in the action. Wow, be prepared, to be blown away, this one's totally awesome, but then all 3 are really!

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