Are South African Online Casino Games Fair?

Despite most casinos carrying licenses from trusted authorities, many new players get scared away from joining a South African online casino like , because they believe the casino will try to trick them out of their money by default.  However, this is a very false belief, as most South African casinos go to incredible lengths to prove their farness.

First of all, casinos are regularly audited, just like many trustworthy organizations today.  The audit process is conducted by authorized regulatory bodies like Technical Systems Testing or eCOGRA and it involves inspecting the casino’s gaming technology and software for unfair practices.

One of the key things auditing agencies inspect is the random number generator, or RNG, of the casino. The RTG is basically a computer chip or software that produces a random number (sometimes up to billions in value) each time you make your first move in a game.

 This number is then translated to other numbers that determine your card and roulette combination or slot symbols and then used as a base to make the next combinations. This means that with every next bet you make, the combinations you receive will be based on the first RNG generated number and thus entirely random.

To inspect the RNG, the auditing agency will use a number of different methods, and once they are certain that the casino offers the same odds they display to their players, without any interference, they award an audit certificate. This certificate is normally found on the casino’s main page.

Also, apart from opening their casino for inspection, almost every casino will display the Return to Player Percentage, or RTP of the games they offer. The RTPs is the number one way of determining what percentage of your wager you will see returned as you play, but also finding out how fair a casino is. 

And if that’s not enough, you can always search a casino’s reputation to find out whether they are fair of not. Shady or “rogue” casinos get exposed and blacklisted very fast in the online casino community, and all it takes is a simple search to reveal them.

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