Playing Video Games is Fun for All Ages

Today, the video game industry is larger than it's ever been. The competition between the three big names--Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo--is fierce, plus PC gaming still controls a good portion of the market. While some people have never played video games and may even be completely against them, most have at least tried popular games like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution.

The Popularity of Video Games

Video games first became popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the release of the home computer and with the Atari. Atari built the first home video game console, and while the graphics were very basic, the idea that people could play these types of games at home was incredible. The system sold very well and inspired a company in Japan to try their hand at a gaming system. Nintendo released their first gaming console in Japan in 1983, and the video game industry has never been the same.

Game Options Today - Including Online

Today's players have many different options when it comes to platforms. Nintendo still ranks among the top, of course. Their handheld Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS are far and away the most popular mobile gaming systems. The Nintendo Wii is also very popular because it has something for families, and its unique controller is a lot of fun to use. While the latest Nintendo system, the Wii U, may not have had a spectacular first year, it's still doing very well.

Sony launched their Playstation in the early 1990s, and it became a huge hit. They followed the original PS1 with the Playstation 2, then the PS3, and most recently, the PS4. The newer systems do more than just play video games--they play blu-rays and can even go online to stream TV, movies, and music from the internet. Sony also has created two handhelds, the Playstation Portable and the PS Vita.

The third major platform is the Xbox, a system created by Microsoft. They have three entries in the line: the original Xbox, the Xbox 360, and the more recent Xbox One. Like the later Playstations, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One are designed as full media centres and can play movies and stream online services.

There are so many games out there, it can be hard for players to find ones they love. That's why we've provided a game rank system to help players find older games to replay or new games to try. The ranking provided comes from real gamers who have played video games for hours and understand what players are looking for.