Who's The Number 1 in the Best Super Bowl Rankings Of All Time?

Go to any bar in any state of the US and ask a football fan for their best Super Bowl rankings. What would be the chances of the same top six coming up twice?

Perhaps if the best Super Bowl rankings were narrowed down to the top three it would be far easier?

3. Super Bowl III - New York Jets 16, Baltimore Colts 7

This was one of the best, most people will agree. This was particularly memorable for the events surrounding the game at that time. A profound impact was made and perceptions were changed regarding the merger and the American Football League. From this point on, NFL Films were now well and truly on the map, of that there is no doubt.

2. Super Bowl XIII - Pittsburgh Steelers 35, Dallas Cowboys 31

This will be remembered for Terry Bradshaw's MVP performance, which at the time certainly wouldn't have sat well with the Cowboy fans, as everyone will agree who's suffered the heartache of being on the losing side of such a major event. Memorable moments of note and there were many, were the big pass interference incident involving Benny Barnes of the Cowboys, Smith's drop, a touchdown coming from a strip sack, not to mention the bumbling special teams fumble, that would ultimately turn this game on its head.

1. Super Bowl XLII - New York Giants 17, New England Patriots 14

Here they are top of the pile in the best super bowl rankings The New York City Giants, thanks in no small way to their defensive co-ordinator. Time for Steve Spagnuolo to finally take a bow.

Some call this the Super Bowl of the small plays. The lesson for the Patriots would have been painful, as it's the small plays done right that make the big difference. Of course Davis Tyree would say it's really just all about using one's head when going for the touchdown. Thinking about it he may just have a point, no fan can disagree with that surely, can they?

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