PS3 Game Rankings - 5 Games You Should Try

Innovations in the gaming industry are continuously being developed, flooding the market until today. Rise of different consoles have indulge players into different levels of enjoyment and thrill that will satisfy them and thirsty for more. Who wouldn't understand them especially when a new and more compelling graphic and game play was brought out with the Playstation 3 - an upgrade to the Playstation 2. Though a little bit more pricy than other consoles out there, the gameplay and enjoyment you'll receive from playing this is without a doubt one of the bests around the world that's why tons of people are engaged on it.

To jumpstart your gaming experience with this console, I will hand out to you 5 top games on the PS3 Game Rankings that will definitely give you the addictive sensation and thirst for gaming that will make you want more.

One of the most compelling genre out there is the plot of Armageddon or end of the world and this is something you'd find on the 'Last of Us' Game. Imagine this plotline incorporated on the compelling graphics you'll find on PS3. This will only give you lots of expectations to that will deliberately excite and thrill you to the bones.

Batman also still proves to be one of the top plot lines out there as it notches 4th place in the PS3 Game Rankings. If you are a fan of this black, techie and cool hero, then the 'Batman: Arkham City' is definitely one of the games you should try.

If you are looking for the adventure of looking for a treasure charting on various unknown islands, the 'Unchartered 2: Among Thieves' is definitely something for you. Following the trail of Marco Polo, looking for the Wish-Fulling Jewel, all while facing the group of opponents who also wants the jewel for themselves, Drake will be your avatar who you will guide and play with through the game.

At the top of the list with only tiny difference in percentage is the Grand Theft Auto V and IV. If you have played the other versions of this game, then it's automatically something that you'll look forward to play. You'll definitely be amaze once again with the compelling plot line and a more innovative graphic that will take your gaming experience a bar higher.

Playing the top games at the PS3 Game Rankings will definitely give you an optimum gaming experience worthy of your time - you'll experience the adventure with the unbelievable graphics and plot line of the games, all while at the comfort of your own home.

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