Gaming on another level: PS4 Game Rankings

The Legacy continues, giving compelling and eye-peeling plot lines along with unbelievable graphics, packed with the action and details that will surely give all of you the blood rush you never thought you'd get in a game - the Playstation 4 raises another generation of gaming experience, raising the bar for more innovative and thrilling games that you would definitely beg to have a bite off.

It is more expensive than any other consoles before it, but without a doubt, the experience you'll get from it will surely be phenomenal. If you have the money to cash out for it, then getting one and playing the top 5 games at the PS4 Game Rankings will surely get you into something unexpected and exciting, unlike any you've experienced before.

With the Mexican setting and amazing combat experience, the 'Guacamelee! Super Championship Turbo Edition' is first in the line on the games you must try. It has tons of unique and interesting characters accompanied with a compelling plot line and intuitive and amazing game play that will give you the optimum gaming experience.

If you are up for a fantasy genre involving the cool yet vicious creatures, the Dragon, then the 'Dragon Age: Inquisition' is definitely a must for you to try. It is a new generation of RPG game that will surely raise the bar in the category of RPG games. The amazing plot line along with the compelling graphics will definitely thrill and excite you.

3rd in the PS4 Game Rankings is the well known classic series that will certainly intrigue and entice you, the Diablo is back on 'Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition', bringing you a more compelling graphics and plot line unlike any other versions of it.

The 'Last of Us Remastered' is next in line, bringing you the end of the world plot line adapted from its PS3 Game that will certainly give you a whole new level of excitement and adrenaline rush surviving what happened to the world.

At the top of the PS4 Game Rankings is the classic and fun Grand Theft Auto V. This series is something you'd find in different consoles, and if you already have, just imagine how much it could've improved with its PS4 Adaptation. It will definitely make you drool for more excitement and enjoyment.

The gaming industry continues to improve, impress and shock various people and gamers and if you haven't tried playing these games yet, then better start now in order for you to indulge yourself in all of them.

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